Thursday, July 16, 2015



Family must monitor the learning process. If it isn’t monitored and children aren’t provided with proper study guidelines, then the result is the lack of any type of control.  Monitoring your child’s study doesn’t mean that parents must solve all the their children’s problems or questions, or do their work, but rather, ask them how they would solve a problem, answer a question or even guide them with what is making them uncomfortable, reaffirming in a positive way that they can surely do their work, meaning that parents must help the child to THINK.
How to motivate your child? Firstly, the child must understand that what he/she is doing has a meaning or sense. If he/she doesn’t, then she/he won’t see the point to this and leave it for another time, hence in these cases monitoring is essential. We must ask them if they have summarized their work, if they have followed the guidelines correctly, correct whenever they have grammatical mistakes, spend time with them and most importantly become engaged with the child. 

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