Friday, August 7, 2015


1.     Biblical table tennis
  1. Say the text with the students.
  2. Now, play table tennis with the words in the text.
  3. Use the exact words in the text, one at a time, alternating between teacher and students.
  4. Keep doing this until you finish with the text.
  5. The competition can be held between two students or by dividing the class into two teams.

2.     The hot potato
  1. The students form a circle with everyone standing.
  2. Quickly, they pass the “potato” from one student to the next.
  3. When the teacher says “stop”, the student who has the potato has to say the verse.
Note: It can also be done with music, with the teacher stopping it.

3.     Biblical puzzle
  1. Write the text in a poster.
  2. Cut it forming a puzzle.
  3. The students can try to solve it.

4. The hidden verse
  1. Write each word of the text in small pieces of paper or cards.
  2. Hide them in the classroom.
  3. The students have to find the cards, and put the text in the right order in front of the class.
  4. You can use this biblical game by dividing the class into two teams to create some competition.

5. Crazy stops
  1. Show the text.
  2. Ask who had egg for breakfast. Those students stand up and repeat the text (it can be any other food or thing you come up with).
  3. Repeat, changing the filter, as many times as you consider convenient.
  4. The students sit down after repeating it.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


4.      Hanging the laundry (you can use two card holders)
a.      Divide the class into two teams.
  1. Write in cards the words of the text (one set for each team).
  2. Give a card to each member of the team, if possible.
  3. There will be a rope hanging in front of them, as a cable.
  4. When you say “go”, the team members have to try to “hang the cards” in the right order, according to the word each of them have.
  5. The first team to put the text together wins.

5.     The candy basket
  1. Form a circle with the students.
  2. Put one candy for each child in the basket.
  3. The basket is passed from student to student, while each one of them says a word in the text, in the right order.
  4. If a student makes a mistake or can’t say the right word, he has to sit down.
  5. This is repeated until all the students who are in the circle have said the text without making mistakes.
  6. Divide the candies among the winners.

6.     The poisonous cloth
  1. Repeat the text with the students several times.
  2. Throw the poisonous cloth while saying the first word of the text.
  3. The student who catches it repeats the next word in order.
  4. That student throws it, and it continues that way until the whole text has been said.