Tuesday, September 1, 2015


·         Read the question carefully to make sure you understand what’s being asked.
·         Organize your ideas into a diagram, keeping an eye on vocabulary and grammar.
·         Use a formal style.
·         Start with a short but clear introduction.
·         Use examples, anecdotes or personal experiences to support your thesis.
·         Try to make a clear, concise, full, creative and comprehensible presentation.
·         Use transitional words and phrases to join ideas and paragraphs, and make it flow.
·         Let your personality show.
·         Try to make an impact on the reader.
·         Try to keep the reader interested at all times.
·         Think in your own language. Don’t use words adapted from other languages and don’t translate things literally.
·         Use a rich vocabulary and include idioms.
·         Use advanced grammar: variations of structures, clauses, subjunctives, correct sequences of verbs. Don’t use words unless you’re sure they’re correct.
·         Make sure your essay has the minimum number of words that are required.
·         Finish your writing by trying to impress the reader.
·         Use the last five minutes to proofread your essay.

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