Sunday, July 19, 2015


1.  Fill in the blanks
  1. Write the verse in the blackboard, leaving several words as blanks.
  2. Ask the students to take turns to fill the blanks with the right words. 

2. Cardboard symbols
a.        Cut symbols to represent sections of the verse to memorize.
b.        Write the text’s words in them.
c.         Make simple figures like geometric shapes, a heart, an open book, etc.

3.  The ABC game
  1. Divide the class into teams.
  2. The teacher should be in a position that leaves him or her above the players, in order to be able to see all of them.
  3. Then, he yells a letter of the verse, and each team has to form the letter as quickly as possible (like a marching band would do).
  4. The first team to form the letter wins a point.
  5. Keep saying every letter in the verse until it’s completed.
  6. The team that says the full verse first wins fine extra points, if they make a mistake, they lose one point. 

4.  Hangman
  1. Write a dash for every letter of the text, leaving the corresponding blanks.
  2. Each student picks a letter. If the letter is in the text, you write it in all the right places.
  3. If the letter is not there, draw a part of the doll to be hanged.
  4. The students must say all the right letters before the doll is hanged.

5.  Completing syllables
  1. Write the text, omitting some syllables, leaving a dash for them.
  2. Write the missing syllables out of order, underneath the text.
  3. The students try to complete the text.

6.  The human cards
  1. Write the words and the passage in white sheets of paper (one word per sheet).
  2. Place a sheet on each student’s chest with safety pins or pins.
  3. When you give the signal, the students have to get in the right order for the verse. 
  4. When they are all standing in the right order, repeat the verse together.

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