Thursday, July 16, 2015



We must schedule a study routine, making sure there are norms to be followed, yet these should be flexible enough, don’t leave things to improvisation, as a child must study without interruptions and rest every hour. As reference, we might ask the child to study for at least 10 minutes if they are in first grade, if the child is in fourth grade study time should be 40 minutes, and so on and so forth as they progress on to higher grades. This is somewhat a guideline on how long a child should be studying at home per day, it is not a rule set in stone but it does help. Naturally, if a student is failing and has a hard time focusing on material, this time guideline will be insufficient. You can’t ask your child to suddenly study for an hour and forty minutes if he/she generally only spends 30 minutes doing so, but you may set the intention to reach this objective during the school year.
But once again, it is important for your child to see that you are interested and involved in their studies, keeping an eye on his/her progress. 

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