Saturday, July 18, 2015


1. Reading what’s invisible
  1. Write a full text in the blackboard, for everyone to learn and read together.
  2. Then, erase one of the main words and read the text again, filling out the blank for the missing word by memory.
  3. The students choose what word to erase (not in order), and they keep “reading” the text.
  4. Continue like this until they read the full text and the blackboard is empty.
Note: using chalk of different colors makes it more interesting. 

2. Biblical fishing
  1. Make a mold of a fish.
  2. Make a paper fish for each word in the text.
  3. Write a word on each fish.
  4. Put a paper clip where the fish’s mouth will be.
  5. Use a magnet or a paper clip as the bait at the end of a thread.
  6. Have each student “fish” the right word in the right order in order to form the text.

3. Figures in a felt board.
  1. Using paper of different colors, make a different shape for each word in the text (star, circle, square, etc.)
  2. Put tape on the back of them so they can be placed on the felt board.
  3. The students put the figures in order while they repeat the text.  

4.  Use a popular tune
  1. Take a popular tune and adapt it to the text.
  2. Sing it with the students.  

5. Using written choruses
Many biblical texts have music that has been written for them. You can sing the songs just like that or do variations of them (like a canon, illustration, adding gestures, choreography, etc.)

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